Elderberry Syrup For Fighting The Flu

Elderberry Syrup For Fighting The Flu

Elderberry is a plant whose berries are used to make medicine. They are rich in vitamins A and C which are essential nutrients for optimal health. Elderberry syrup is a natural remedy used to prevent the flu and it has been a natural remedy used for ages for both children and adults. It is said to have great healing powers.

Elderberry works by stimulating and boosting the immune system, inhibiting the influenza (flu) virus. A strong immune system helps to defend the body against all diseases. Elderberry also has antiviral agents which helps protect the body from the flu, which is a virus.  It does this by increasing the antioxidant levels in the body and also has flavonoids which are natural compounds that act as natural anti inflammatory agents, further boosting the immune system.  

Prescription antiviral medications, such as tamiflu, has been proven to shorten the duration of flu systems. However, studies have shown that elderberry extract called Sambucol can also help to shorten the duration of flu symptoms after a person gets sick by about three to four days; a holistic natural remedy can have the same effects as prescribed medication! The anti inflammatory agents in Elderberry have been shown to decrease swelling in the respiratory passages. In turn, airway passages are opened, reducing mucus secretions and congestion allowing for better breathing.

Elderberries have significant healing properties. They act to boost the immune system and decrease inflammation. They also help to greatly reduce the length of cold and flu symptoms. Prevent yourself from getting sick by taking elderberry syrup -a holistic way to defend against the flu!


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