Welcome to Farmbox Living! Farmbox Living was created in the name of health and wellness as your go-to encyclopedia for living a healthy life. If you share a love for good food, a good workout, peaceful meditation, meaningful travel, natural beauty products, or sustainable living you’ve come to the right place.

From its beginning, Farmbox Living was launched as a premier health and wellness lifestyle publication dedicated to our readers and their personal goals –with their busy lifestyles in mind. Created by a busy working single mother, Farmbox Living’s focus is on living as your best self without feeling the external pressure to be perfect. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we eat Oreo Cookies, but we always grow as individuals. Farmbox Living has become a leading source on all things health and wellness. From the hottest juicing recipe to the latest diet trends and affordable natural beauty and household products. Farmbox Living is here to help you meet your goals and have healthiest relationship with yourself.

Meet The Founder

Ashley Tyrner, is the founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct and Farmbox Living. Farmbox Direct was launched in 2014 and continues to pioneer the food delivery space as an innovative twist to the traditional CSA or Farmer’s Market. Ashley’s personal and professional goals are to make eating healthy foods accessible to absolutely everyone. Ashley is deeply rooted in the food space. Her early years were spent on her father’s farm in the Midwest and her passion for food has blossomed from there.

After a move with her mother to Arizona, she settled down and got married in Malibu California. At age 27 she was abandoned by her husband upon finding out she was expecting a baby girl. Left alone, broke, and pregnant, Ashley became a food stamp recipient and moved back to Arizona with her mother where she welcomed her daughter into the world. Determined to pick herself back up she moved to New York City in 2011 for a new beginning in the fashion industry. Only three short years after breaking out of her slump and making it in the Big Apple, Ashley decided to follow her passion: helping people understand the connection between food and their lives. With a little help from her daughter, arrived the inspiration for Farmbox Direct!

I started Farmbox Direct with a vision of how food should be which is why my goal is to bring the farmers market in its best purity to customer’s doors,” says Ashley Tyrner. “Having been raised on a farm and brought up by a family of farmers in the Midwest, I’ve come to understand how much care should go into the food we eat by those who grow it. After becoming a single mother with a new career in fashion, and living off food stamps while I got back on my feet, I became even more cautious about what I bought and ate and what I fed my daughter. I knew there was a market for what I needed and it was my job to bring fresh, produce and easily accessible healthy lifestyle into people’s lives.

Since Farmbox Direct and Farmbox Living’s beginning, Ashley has transformed the Farmbox brand from a concept into a lifestyle brand that is re shaping the way Americans eat!

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